C10 for 9~11m Electric Vehicle

Rooftop-mounted Air-conditioning System for Electric Buses

High Reliability

High Energy Efficiency Rating

High Adaptability

Tags: Electric A/C series

Model: C10
Electrical all-variable speed
Mounting MethodTop mounted
Input VoltageDC400~860V
Control VoltageDC24V/5A (DC 18 ~30V)
Rated Cooling Capacity18000 ~ 28000 W/h
Rated Heating Capacity18000 ~ 28000 W/h
Rated Power Consumption8600 W
Max Heating Consumption of PTC
10000 W
Heat Exchange Capacity of Battery Thermal Module6000 W
4500 m3/h
Condensing Air Volume
8000 m3/h
Fresh Air Volume
1000 m3/h
Indoor Noise Level≤ 68 dB(A)
Outdoor Noise Level
≤ 68 dB(A)
Weight290 Kg
External Dimensions

Length: 2916 mm

Width: 1920 mm

Height: 225 mm

High Reliability

5 in 1 integrated electrical air conditioner controlling system

EMC solution, no need to worry about disturbance and faradism

Standard EEV to adapt the low temperature environment

Integrated battery thermal management solutions with double EEV

High low-pressure sensor to control pressure of cooling system

CAN communication for remote control by uploading the working status

High EER ( Energy Efficiency Rating)

Standard configuration of heat pump working under -20℃ , 40% more energy saving than PTC

DC variable compressor and environmental refrigerant

Compressor and fan with adoption of infinitely variable control technology to match various working condition

Most advanced EEV control technology to act promptly and adjust precisely, timely energy saving

Lightweight aluminium alloy frame, decrease the heat load of vehicle efficiently

Optional solution of low temperature heat pump technology

High Adaptability

Modularized design, strong universality of components, convenient configuration and maintenance

Same dimension for 4 thermal management solutions including simple cooling, heat pump, heat pump + PTC, and battery integration

Movable and adjustable mounting support to match the vehicle better